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Kitchen Fire Suppression System

• Kitchen Fire Suppression System
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System Repairs
• Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Fires are more likely to occur in a restaurant than nearly any other kind of business. With continual exposure to high heat, fires can break out for a variety of reasons. Regardless of why a fire starts out, what is important is suppressing the fire as quickly as possible.

Water typically is not an option, as grease fires spread with the inclusion of water, while extinguishers may ruin all of the food and produce inside of the kitchen when unnecessary.

Restaurant fire suppression systems offer a unique way of putting out a fire quickly and efficiently. As a one-stop shop for fire protection services , you can turn to us for everything you need, from new system design and installation to kitchen fire suppression testing and inspections to system upgrades and replacements.

At Bahamas Welding and Fire, we understand that a fire can happen at any time. That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency services, to prevent leaving your restaurant vulnerable any longer than necessary. Don’t hesitate to call us for emergency response day or night, weekend or holiday.

If you have questions about our services, or need support, contact us today.
Kitchen Fire Suppression System Inspection

Kitchen fire suppression system inspections are vital to safety.  NFPA 96 says you must complete restaurant kitchen hood fire suppression system inspections every six months by a licensed fire protection company. Therefore, twice a year, certified fire safety professionals must ensure if there is a fire in your commercial kitchen, your suppression system will activate, put the fire out, and shut off the gas line or electric running to the equipment. 

It is also recommended that restaurant owners or kitchen managers perform a basic visual kitchen hood inspection monthly. Check for grease and clogs, damage to the nozzle caps and extinguishing lines, and anything that looks suspicious. If you notice anything out of the ordinary contact us immediately.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Repairs

You want to be sure that your fire suppression system will go off automatically if a fire starts in your commercial kitchen. Since the system lies dormant until heat and flames activate it, the most likely time to spot a problem is during a routine inspection. If you come across any of the following problems, you know it’s time to schedule a repair from Bahamas Welding and Fire:

Improper conduit, nozzle, or detector locations
Malfunctioning automatic actuation switch
No response from remote pull stations
Under-pressurized or corroded tanks
Clogged nozzles
Loose pipes and copper tubing
Time to replace the system cartridges
Any other obvious deficiencies
Kitchen Fire Suppression System Installation

Automatic kitchen fire suppression systems are intended to control and extinguish fires without human intervention. A well designed and working kitchen fire suppression system can keep a small fire from becoming a big fire, often saving lives and property. A well designed and maintained kitchen fire suppression system is a critical necessity restaurant. Fortunately, Bahamas Welding and Fire is the recognized expert in the Bahamas for designing and maintaining kitchen fire suppression systems and certified Ansul distributors.

Here is a list of some of the systems that we service and install:

  • Ansul R-102 UL-300 Restaurant Fire Suppression System (Ansul Fire System)
  • Amerex Hood Fire Suppression Systems (KP,ZD,IS)
  • Buckeye Kitchen Mister UL300 Hood Fire System
  • Kidde WHDR UL300 Kitchen Hood Suppression System
  • Fireboy

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